Visitors from Rwanda (2011)

On the evening of Tuesday 8th November 2011 Trinity acted as hosts for Telford's visitors from Rwanda. We enjoyed a very informal evening meeting our guests and learning of the latest developments in the country that the Methodist Church is supporting.

We were able to talk to Telford youngsters about their visit to Rwanda and hear their accounts of their visits to a country that is recovering from the genocide of the last years of the twentieth century. It has been well reported how the country's coffee and tea exports are helping to rebuild the economy

We heard how PHARP (Peacebuilding, Healing and Reconcilliation Programme) is working in the country to promote education and stimulate the local economy by providing tools and encouraging people to produce food and other goods for sale

We were dissapointed that the young Rwandan people who we had hoped to entertain had been unable to obtain visas but it is hoped that they will visit at a later date. Meanwhile contact is being being maintained and it is hoped to organise a party of adults to visit Rwanda in August 2012. If you are interested in joining that trip contact Yvonne Gough tel. 01922 694375