The Magic of the Musicals

Dear All

 As you all know, Hendry goes off to Malaysia in 3 weeks’ time and, as those of you at the Circuit Meeting at Horsehay in March will recall, I spoke about setting up a support fund to help with the very significant costs being incurred in enabling Hendry to carry out his calling in this area. I am delighted to say that the response from across the Circuit has been very positive and this, added to the money raised by the members of his three churches at Shifnal, Hadley and Albrighton, has brought us close to the target we have been aiming for.

David Corden

I decided quite early on that I would attempt to raise money for Hendry’s mission by putting on a concert and it is to this end that I am now asking for your support. The concert, entitled “The Magic of the Musicals” is taking place on Saturday June 8th at Trinity Shifnal at 7.30 pm (sadly Hendry will not be able to be present, although I’m sure he will be in spirit!). As the attached poster indicates, it will be performed by me and one of my oldest friends, Andrew Timmins from Lichfield.

Andy & I first met in 1970 when we went to secondary school together & have remained close ever since. He is a very talented musician and I, as many of you know, do a bit of singing (!) so from time to time over the last 15 years we have joined together to put on concerts for charitable causes. We take nothing from our concerts apart from the joy of making music together and providing entertainment and pleasure to those who come along. Thus all of the proceeds from the concert will go directly to Hendry’s mission fund.


The concert will consist of around 20 songs from some of the greatest musicals of the 20th Century, from Showboat to Les Mis & all points in between. Tickets are priced at just £5 but if that is difficult for some people to afford, we would rather they just made a small donation and came along anyway than not come at all. Tickets will be available from Senior Stewards at Shifnal, Hadley & Albrighton and can also be booked directly from me via my gmail address (as shown on the poster). They can also be purchased on the door on the night of the concert.


Our target is to get at least 100 people in the audience – and that’s where you come in! Please could you support us by:


  1. Advertising the concert in your own churches/localities – please feel free to print as many copies of the poster as you wish!


  1. Telling your non-church-going friends about it and inviting them along


  1. Coming to the concert yourselves if you are possibly able to


Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I believe that what Hendry is doing is both personally courageous and blessed by God. I hope that, with your help, we can help to support him financially and so provide him with one less thing to worry about as he sets off for Malaysia.


With  very best wishes,