Shifnal Carnival 2011

Shifnal Carnival is a major event in the Shifnal calendar and in 2011 the weather was wonderful and the crowds turned out to enjoy the procession and the fair.


Here are some photographic memories of that day.

Time soon passes and it will soon be time to find your costumes for Carnival 2014

Shifnal Carnival 2013

The crowds turned out for another wonderful day at Shifnal Carnival 2013

Shifnal Carnival 2015

Well here's a lively looking bunch of characters all ready to charm the judges before the start of Shifnal Carnival 2015 and then to charm the crowds of onlookers into parting with their cash as they join the procession through the town.


If the crowd aren't obliging those water pistols look pretty lethal!

Shifnal Carnival 2016

Shifnal Carnival 2012

Yet another fine day for Shifnal Carnival 2012.

Shifnal Carnival 2014

We never really believed that it would rain did we?


The sun got his hat on in good time for the Shifnal Carnival parade on Saturday 29th June.


By the time the carnival started to wend its way along the streets of Shifnal the clouds had long since departed and the pavements were choc-a-bloc with people eager to join in the fun. With three bands accompanying the floats and walkers the procession was a wonderful sight and people showed their appreciation in the time honoured way of Shifnal Carnival by throwing their coins onto the floats.


Local businesses and organisations were well represented, a good number of individuals joined the parade in costume and everyone should be rightly proud of their contribution to the day.

Before and after the procession people called in to enjoy Carnival Teas in the garden of Kathy and Malcolm Insall and a total of £484 was raised to be shared between 'action for children' and Shifnal and Albrighton Live at home Scheme.

Shifnal Carnival 2017
Shifnal Carnival 2018