Homage To The Original Pari-Dakar Rally

 If you have visited the If you have visited the Trinity website www.trinitytrumpet.co.uk you will have read that Cathy Clayton’s son Paul , along with good friends Anna Breheny and Olivia Nelson, is about to, once again, set off on  a motoring adventure in a  16 year old Suzuki Vitara purchased for £800. I will let Paul explain.


The momentum behind this adventure all came from a     discussion between a couple of friends and I in January when we were discussing the Dakar Rally and how much of a shame it was that the original West African route was no longer driven, and that now it is held in South America. (http://www.dakar.com/dakar/2016/us/route.html)


We decided it would be a good idea to do a homage to the original Pari-Dakar and the original route, but to leave from Plymouth instead to do it all at a fraction of the price and for an amazing charity JDRF.

The first stage of the route is ferry from Plymouth to      Santander in Spain (We were going to go via La Rochelle in France but it cuts it close timing wise , we’ve all seen France before and there were no ferries at the times we wanted to travel.)


From there a glorious drive through Spain, staying with friends, before boarding the ferry for Tangier in Morocco three days later. The route through Morocco should be   fairly uneventful as the roads are pretty good and the second language is French which will give time to get used to camping in the desert.  We’ll follow the coast road down into Western Sahara before cutting more inland and      following various oasis tracks through the dunes before heading into Mauritania…

This where it will likely get a little iffy  on dates as we are doing the trip completely  with old fashioned maps  and a compass , so fully expect to get lost in Mauritania. We’ll weave our way down through the middle of the middle of the country before eventually finding Nouakchott on the coast. From there we are hoping to drive through one of the National reserves before crossing into Senegal at   Rosso.  Should we have time we’ll head inland then follow the river up to Dakar on the coast, however, failing that we’ve heard that the coastal via St Louis is also stunning.


In terms of documenting the trip the company I work for (Orbus Software) has kindly donated a GOPro-esk video camera and digital camera so we can take video /photos along the way, as well as been very supportive in the charitable fundraising.


I have just had the last of my travel vaccinations (Yellow fever) so I can’t write a great deal more whilst making sense.


All the best,




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